Chronodat Help Desk

by Chronodat LLC

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Manage and Track Support Incidents, Requests or Tickets using device friendly user interface.

The primary objective of Chronodat Help Desk add-in is to create a Help Desk request, and track it to its end resolution. For example, opening a request & assigning it to a Help Desk team member to be worked > working on it > resolving it > then closing it. If your team is Scrum or Agile-based, the design of Help Desk add-in will be very familiar to you.

Help Desk Add-in Features:

  • Support requests can be created using a pre-defined request prefix example: “IT-SERV-2018-1”
  • Pre-defined Request Categories (such as Hardware, Software, etc.), & Request Sub-Categories (such as broken monitor, need Microsoft Office installed, etc.), all configurable according to your business
  • Pre-defined Resolution Categories, such as Fixed, Cannot Reproduce, Works as Designed, Canceled, etc., all configurable according to your business
  • Pre-written Email Templates for notifications sent to the user, again, configurable according to your business
  • Color-coded, built-in dashboards for quick metrics & reporting, with no configuration needed; there is a Global Dashboard for all requests, and a personal Dashboard for each team member. In both types of Dashboards you see:
  • 10 most recently updated requests, by Status
  • Request Status pie chart (Active vs. Closed)
  • Request Status bar chart, based on Priority
  • Request Status bell curve chart, based on Category
  • Request Status grid, based on Assigned To
  • 5 most recently updated requests, regardless of Priority or Status
  • A Requests Board, with column-based board views, with a drag & drop feature for quickly changing Statuses
  • Powerful Search engine to find requests quickly & easily
  • Export options, such as Excel, PDF, CSV, and more
  • Setup for designating Help Desk Support Contacts
  • Help Desk document repository for uploading & storing documents for the Help Desk team to share and use
  • A Team Calendar to keep track of system outages, freeze periods in your business, team social events, etc.


  • Major UI and Workflow Improvements.
  • Help Desk Feedback/Survey.

Enjoy a free 15 day trial (unlimited users) of this add-in to explore all the rich and enchanting features.

Installation & Configuration:

Chronodat Help Desk Add-in is very easy to install and we will help you to configure the add-in if needed. With a few settings you are up and running.


Compatible with IE10 and upper version and latest version of Chrome & Firefox

Any Questions?

Please feel free to contacts us at and we will get back to you shortly.

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