Call Logs

by Chronodat LLC

Log and track your sales calls more efficiently

The Chronodat Call Logs Add-in provides a seamless integration of Sales & Marketing call conversation and reporting features, using Office 365 SharePoint Online or On-Premise. Chronodat Call Logs add-in is a tracking and analytics system that helps marketers get conversion reporting and campaign attribution from phone calls. The benefits of the add-in are immediate, due to the robust features and user-friendly interfaces it provides.

  • Provides color-coded, built-in dashboards for quick metrics & reporting, with no configuration needed.
  • Helps to register inbound calls (received from leads and customers) and outbound calls (dialed to leads and customers) with call details.
  • Powerful Search engine to find call records quickly & easily
  • Export options, such as Excel, PDF, CSV, and more
  • Set SharePoint OOTB alerts for New Call Logs or Call Logs daily/weekly summary
  • Security is built-in, and user access is very customizable
  • Call Logs add-in Improves ROI by driving more revenue generating calls, increasing conversion rates, personalizing the customer journey, and running more useful campaigns.
  • Sales representatives can quickly enter and update vital information such as call start and end times, the type and purpose of calls, and customer details.
  • Assess customer call patterns from weekly and monthly reports.
  • Gauge customer sensibilities by getting the numbers on inbound and outbound calls.

This add-in built in SharePoint, for use in SharePoint, designed with a high tech, device-friendly interface (mobile or desktop). Both the Support team AND end users can submit new Call Logs.

Installation & Configuration:

Chronodat Call Logs Add-in is very easy to install, and we will help you to configure the add-in if needed. With a few settings you are up and running.

Try Call Logs free fully featured 15-day trial (1xSite instance with an unlimited number of end users in your SharePoint tenant) .


Compatible with IE10 and upper version and latest version of Chrome & Firefox.

Any Questions?

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