ChartExpo™ for Excel

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Turn data into visual stories, delight your customers with intuitive visualizations

Overwhelmed With Data, Starving For Insight:

Data is useless without insights. Your problem is not that you lack data. Your problem is that there is not enough time and resources to analyze your data for insights. Spreadsheets are helpful for collecting and organizing information, but fail to bridge the gap between your data and the insights you seek. You need to visualize your data.

Simply Powerful:

ChartExpo’s library of visualizations makes it simple to gain insights from your boring spreadsheets. Simple is not basic. Simple is powerful. When you solve a complex problem with a simple solution, the result is monumental. It is the “Aha!’ moment that seems so simple, yet produces such profound change.

Accessible Insights:

Manually analyzing data requires coding and endless clicking through spreadsheets. ChartExpo is effortless. You can create visualizations in three clicks. Insights that have always felt out of reach are now right at your fingertips.

Learn The Language Of Data:

Your data holds insights that are hidden behind the walls of spreadsheet numbers. Visualizations translate the language of numbers into charts that spark innovation. Visualizations enable fast comprehension because your eyes are better at absorbing visual information. Visualizing your data saves you valuable time.

Make Competitive Decisions:

Discover insights at a glance and accelerate your decision making and problem solving with visualizations. Become your competitors’ biggest threat with faster, smarter decisions, while they waste time and energy with manual analysis.

Find The Unexpected:

When you cut through the noise of chaotic data sets, you uncover new trends, relationships and patterns. Visualizations show you what you never expected to find. Start connecting the dots you didn’t even know existed and find deeper answers in your data.

ChartExpo™ for Excel has a number of visualization categories that make it easier to find the right chart for analysis:

1. General

2. Sentiment

3. Comparative

4. Survey

5. Pay-per-click (PPC)

ChartExpo is free for the first 7 days. After this no-risk trial, the service costs $10 per user per month. You can sign up from the add-in.

Simplify your spreadsheets with ChartExpo visualizations and see what you’ve been missing.

Picture a Thousand Numbers.

See the Big Picture.

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