Task Management (Pro)

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Effectively manage your tasks and ensure that deadlines are met

Chronodat Action Item and Task Management Add-In provides a seamless integration of Task Management features, using Office 365 SharePoint Online. Provides an effective way to manage your tasks and ensures that deadlines are met and nothing falls through the cracks.

Task Management (Pro) for Office 365 is available as a free, fully featured 15-day trial (1xSite License with an unlimited number of end users) .

  • Provides color-coded, built-in dashboards for quick metrics & reporting, with no configuration needed; there is a Dashboard for all Tasks, you see:
  • 10 most recently updated Tasks, by Assigned To Me, Incomplete, Overdue, Due Today, Due This Week, Completed
  • Task Status pie chart by Status and Active vs. Closed)
  • Task Status bar chart, based on Priority
  • Provide you a view of tasks which displays tasks into different categories:
  • All Tasks
  • Incomplete (Open + In Progress + On Hold)
  • Overdue
  • Due Today
  • Due This Week
  • Add-in provides a links to open the tasks to View/Edit/Delete them directly in all Views
  • Task can be created using a pre-defined Task prefix example: “#Task-2017-”
  • Configurable Task Categories (such as Hardware, Software, etc.), & Task Sub-Categories (such as broken monitor, need Microsoft Office installed, etc.), all configurable according to your business
  • Setup for designating Team Contact for specific Sub-Category. If a Task is created with a Sub-Category, it will automatically be assigned to that person/person(s), and he or she will receive an email notification (along with the user) when a new Task is submitted.
  • Pre-written Email Templates for notifications sent to the user, again, configurable according to your business
  • Powerful Search engine to find Tasks quickly & easily
  • Export options, such as Excel, PDF, CSV, and more
  • Security is built-in, and user access is very customizable
  • Possible to change logo and color scheme

Installation & Configuration:

Chronodat Task Management (Pro) Add-in is very easy to install and we will help you to configure the add-in if needed. With a few settings you are up and running.

Try Task Management (Pro) free 15 days trial now!


Compatible with IE10 and upper version and latest version of Chrome & Firefox

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