SharePoint|sapiens Employee Training Management Add-In

by SharePointSapiens

Microsoft 365 Certified
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A comprehensive training event and learning management solution

Good news! Our brand new Employee Training Management app is available on AppSource. It replaces this add-in.

Use this link to get to the new app instead or search for WA200006645 in the SharePoint store.

The SharePoint|sapiens Employee Training Management add-in makes organizing and administrating employees' continuing professional development easy for everyone.

From setting up and scheduling training events, managing learners and their assignments and enrollments, to tracking achievements and feedback, everything is covered.

The add-in helps you to fulfill your compliance regulations and safety policies. It enables you to assign required training, track achievements and manage expirations.

The add-in sends e-mail invitations to learners enrolled in scheduled training events to keep them informed about upcoming appointments.

The included scoring system helps learners to plan their continuing professional development and measure their performance.

For organizers:

Organizers can manage learners, courses, exams, curriculums, scheduled training events, assignments, enrollments and achievements.

For learners:

Learners can view assignments and achievements, browse upcoming training events and self-paced training and enroll in.

For managers:

Managers can control and overview learners' assignments and achievements, approve enrollments and assign available curriculums, courses and exams to team members.

For instructors:

Instructors can view courses and scheduled training events of their own and grade participants.

Trial and installation

Install the add-in to start with a free fully functional 30 day trial.

Key features:

  • Schedule training events from a course or exam template or create an event directly in the calendar
  • Enroll learners in courses & exams and scheduled training events or allow them to enroll themselves
  • If a training event is fully booked, you can allow interested employees to join a waiting list
  • Set enrollment deadlines for scheduled training events
  • Learners will receive e-mail invitations and updates to scheduled training events
  • Organizers and instructors can track enrollments per training event, course, learner, etc. including attendees' status replies (accepted, declined)
  • Create templates for instructor-led training or classroom exams or create self-paced training and online exams
  • Use curriculums to bundle multiple courses and exams and make enrollment easier and faster
  • Assign curriculums to learners and view achievements in learner profiles
  • Meeting room reservations to book meeting rooms and resources directly from the SharePoint calendar
  • Configurable style and content of invitations and other e-mails
  • Send a survey to attendees after an event to collect feedback
  • It’s fully customizable. All lists, views and pages created by the add-in are customizable to suit your specific needs

This SharePoint add-in works in conjunction with the SharePoint|sapiens Modern User Interface app (WA200003529), that you can also get from the SharePoint store.

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