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Bravo is employee social recognition platform where workplace recognitions are re-imagined.

Bravo, a peer to peer employee recognition platform is built keeping in mind the millennials in the workplace and how we can instill 'Pride of Association' .

Configured on the values which promote the desired cultural behavior in the organization to achieve strategy execution, it enables employees to recognize each other timely, expressively and with accountability.

Powered with Office 365, SharePoint Online, Power BI and Office Graph, Bravo not only makes you aware of potential recognition's suggestions but nudges you to giving timely recognition's. Machine Learning and Cognitive APIs augment your recognition writing skills as well.

For recognition on the go, Bravo is armed with an app “Bravo Lens” and an Outlook Plugin to help users uniquely and creatively give recognition's.

Bravo will help HR professionals rethink Recognition for next generation workforce and motivate employees for increased engagement and create a sense of belongingness.


  • Bravo Cards – A unique way to give peer to peer recognition's based on values driven pictorial cards with awesome filters.

  • Augmented Writing – helps user nicely word their recognition expression with analytical assistance

  • Bravo Leaderboards – Company and department leaderboards displaying leading recognition contributors (receivers/givers)

  • Bravo Feed – Company and department feed for wider visibility of the recognition, engaged employees.

  • My Dashboard – Details for logged in user related data

  • Social Share – Capability to share your bravo card on social platform like Facebook, Linked In, Google + etc. in a hassle-free manner.

  • Connections – Gives options to connect to peers in extended network recognized for certain values set essentials for task, assignments, knowledge sharing.

How to install and configure

1) Install an Add-in

2) Open 'Site contents'

3) Click on the tile 'Bravo', for very first time it will redirect to Bravo Config Page.

4) Enter your Organization Name and Short address like Seattle, Boston...and press 'Configure Bravo' button

5) Once configuration done, follow provided steps on screen to avail Social Share functionality.

On AppRegNew.aspx page make sure you have entered correct App Domain. And also make sure you have opened

appregnew.aspx page from HostWeb URL. [Host web URL]/_layouts/15/appregnew.aspx , (same for appinv.aspx.)

e.g. For finding App Domain Name please check below example:


HostWeb URL:


then your App Domain is "Contososervices".

If we consider above example then url/configuration should be:

AppRegnew URL:

Appinv URL:

App Domain: Contososervices

Redirect URL - You can put your Host web URL here.

6) Now to access Bravo APP, click on 'Click here' link on config Page or you can Open 'Site contents' and click on the tile 'Bravo'.


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