Crewhu: customer feedback + employee rewards

Crewhu LLC

View customer feedback, and give recognition badges & rewards, inside MS Teams.

Crewhu: Utilize our 1-click survey to increase response rates, improve customer service and celebrate small wins on a daily basis. Our platform will collect survey data by your company, teams, customers & employees, and automatically notify the right people to improve response time. Use this feedback to improve your company processes and also to reward and reinforce amazing customer service.

Do you have a strong company culture and a set of core values? Great! Your crew can now use our integration to recognize each other for living the company core values daily.

Crewhu + Microsoft Teams:

- Create channels in MS teams that will automatically feed your customer feedback inside teams and easily notify the right people to increase response time.

- Create a tab in MS Teams that will enable users to give Crewhu employee recognition badges to reward each other for a job well done.

Note: Your company will need a paid Crewhu account to activate the Crewhu + Microsoft Teams integration

Add-in capabilities
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