Pivot Explorer

by Kalmstrom Enterprises AB

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Analyze multidimensional data using Pivot Explorer for SharePoint Lists.

Pivot Explorer for SharePoint Lists is designed for analysis and display of multidimensional data online. Just as you explore Excel data in an Excel Pivot Table, you can explore data from any SharePoint list with Pivot Explorer. The data is represented in compact yet interactive visual reports — multidimensional tables and charts that are fully customizable for your needs.

With Pivot Explorer you can analyze data and look at the same information in different ways with just a few mouse clicks. The product supports a range of different graphs as well as tables which you can modify by simply pivoting the measures.

Use Pivot Explorer to create and analyze reports based on SharePoint lists data and to display data in a way that is easy to understand. Pivot Explorer offers filtering, sorting and grouping of simple or hierarchically arranged values, and analysis results can be exported in various ways.

This version will work for 30 days. Then you have to register Pivot Explorer to continue using it.

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