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Corrensa for VTiger

VTExperts, Inc.

4.0 (4)

Access VTiger information from your Outlook. Add & create new records, attach emails, documents...

Manage sales and customer relationships directly inside VTiger. Corrensa lets you access your CRM right inside your inbox. No more having to switch back and forth between your inbox and VTiger, Corrensa makes it effortless to save your customer's details into your CRM without ever having to interrupt your workflow.

✔ Corrensa was built for Outlook providing a seamless experience between VTiger and your inbox.

✔ Corrensa is fully customizable, giving you complete control to build integrate your email workflow with the VTigerCRM.

✔ Corrensa supports attaching emails to VTiger under the specific contact/lead or ticket/opportunity associated with it.

See how your sales & support team productivity soars when they don’t have to constantly switch between Outlook and VTigerCRM. Full access to the crm, which means they will be able to view, create, delete, and modify data without leaving their inbox.


  • Add, View & Edit VTiger Records
  • Attach Emails to Contacts/Leads/Tickets/Opportunities
  • View Email History
  • Schedule Appointments/To-dos
  • Attach Documents/Files
  • View Invoices, Quotes & Sales Orders
  • Smart Search Built Into The Plugin
  • Automated Record Lookup (Based on Email)
  • 2 Intuitive Views (Summary/Detail)
  • Supports Standard & Custom Fields
  • Configurable Fields & Blocks


  • VTiger Open Source 6.x/7.x
  • Corrensa Connector (extension in vtiger. (takes 2 minutes to install))
  • Corrensa Account (created at the time the connector is installed)
  • Corrensa for Outlook requires a subscription, pricing:

Instructions to download Corrensa Connector:


  • For customers using Outlook with non Office365 Account (Exchange, IMAP, POP..), Corrensa for Outlook is available at:
Add-in capabilities
When this add-in is used, it
  • Can send data over the Internet
  • This add-in can access and modify personal information in the active message, such as the body, subject, sender, recipients, and attachment information. It may send this data to a third-party service. Other items in your mailbox can’t be read or modified.