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Employee Directory Plus

HR 365

4.7 (19)

Employee Directory Plus – HR365 : Smart and modern way to connect with employees of the organization

Employee Directory Plus displays information of employees in the organization in visually manner and allows you to find any user in fraction of seconds with various filters to select, departments, skills, Job title, manager, location, etc. It helps in retrieving important information on the fly. Now it comes with QR code to scan and save on your mobile phone.


- Organization hierarchy view

- Three tiles, card and list views

- Show / hide mobile numbers

- Start a chat / call / email from the Employee Directory Plus

- Search employees based on skill-set and projects

- Fetch all the user information from Office 365 directly including profile picture from outlook and Delve

- User can update their profile image, hobbies, skills, project and mobile number

- Organization related fields are updated automatically from O365

- Now force sync the data from Office 365 directly as soon as new user is added.

- Exclude System Users & Distribution Lists: This auto filter won display you to system /auto i.e. test, system, admin, backup, archive, etc., accounts).

- Exclude users and domains: Exclusion filters to remove unwanted domains, users & external accounts.

- Views: Switch between card view, tile view and list views.

- Download as vCard: Download a user as vCard contact and import it easily to MS Outlook/Apple Mail.

- Download as QR code: import a user to a mobile device using QR code.

- Mobile Responsiveness: responsive views for mobile and tablets.

- Custom themes: Application theme can be customized from settings page with administrator permissions.

- Filters

- Title filter – Displays employees with their job title.

- Departmental filter – Display employees only from a specified department.

- Location filter – Display employee only from a specified location.

- Projects filter – Display employees only from a specified project.

- Skill filter – Displays employees only with specific skills.

Employee detailed Information: This displays user’s full details. You can locate user’s manager, assistant or direct reports and display their user profiles just by clicking on their names.

Export contacts as vCard / QR code: You can export contact details using vCard or you can use QR code to add contacts in your mobile phone

Link to know more about Employee Directory Plus

Link for FAQs


- Details of employee such as title, email id, location, managers name, department name and skill-set information should be present in the Office365 tenant and sync quickly upto 999 users, more than 999 users, raise a support request for this add-ins

- add-in permissions should be set to allow the add-in to read the host data.

Recommended browsers : Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge & IE 11 and above.

Language(s) : English