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5.0 (1)

fileTrooper is a SharePoint file explorer to browse Document Libraries and folders

Browse your document libraries with a directory treeview, retrieve and open your files from one single application page. It’s an intuitive and powerful file browser / folder explorer / SharePoint Explorer.

Retrieve and manage your files:

fileTrooper extends your experience in files management on SharePoint and provides you in a single page an all-in-one files explorer for SharePoint Document libraries. fileTrooper is a file management solution that's easy to use due to the ‘Windows Explorer’ like user experience, that you already know. Search, open, download, preview, create, copy, move, rename, delete, upload, check in, check out, publish and more operations in one single place. Use the ‘drag and drop’ feature to upload files and move items.

Collaborate with the document routing feature:

The document routing feature is a simplified automated process to facilitate the collaboration during the documents lifecycle. Assign, notify and follow-up users with actions to be performed on documents, track routing progression and keep control of the ongoing tasks.

Find your files:

Accelerate your search for files with the integrated SharePoint search or via the treeview navigation as simply as browsing your local files.

Optimize your SharePoint environment:

Increase visibility of what is really needed and important for you: set your preferences and get a direct access to the document libraries relevant to your current activities. Add, remove, sort and rename the document libraries of your working environment. This simple and powerful tool allows you to get back the focus and the control of your essential data. Define your preferred view: vertical, horizontal, two or three columns. Make it yours!

Get it on your SharePoint in a few clicks:

fileTrooper can be used on existing environments without the need of setting up additional server-side components. Get it from the official Microsoft Office Store and start working in just a few minutes.

Main features:

  • Multi documents libraries explorer via one single page
  • Easy documents libraries and folders browsing via a tree view structure
  • Integrated search engine for files across libraries and sites
  • Document routing to support collaboration, tasks assignment and follow-up
  • Intuitive interface with different layouts: horizontal, vertical, two or three columns
  • SharePoint list views support
  • Support of list Content Approval
  • Support for large library (requires fields indexation)
  • Administration support: pre-configuration of libraries connection for the users
  • Compatible with SharePoint and SharePoint online
  • fileTrooper includes 5 users licenses FREE for your organization

♦Change logs♦

V2.3.1.6 (2019/11/13)

New features

  • Added the support for the grouping under 'virtual scrolling'


  • Improved the 'virtual scrolling'

V2.3.0.2 (2019/11/08)

New features

  • Added support for large library (more than 5000 items): added paging combined to a 'virtual scrolling' that will fetch extra rows when needed
  • Improved the text viewer: removed the 'auto wrap' and added a global setting to change the associated font family


  • Better overal error management and when Sharepoint throttle the library content

V2.2.1.0 (2019/10/16)

New features

  • Improved routing visibility


  • PDF preview on Chrome and IE

V2.2.0.0 (2019/10/04)

New features

  • Add new setting to customize logo and branding name
  • Local libraries are automatically added on the first load.
  • Add preview for text file (.txt, .html, .config, .ini, and more)
  • Settings library treeview selector

V2.1.0.0 (2019/04/30)

V2.0.0.0 (2019/03/01)

V1.2.0.0 (2018/11/16)

V1.1.0.70 (2018/10/29)

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