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Associated Press style-checking for Microsoft Office.

StyleGuard is an innovative proofing tool that seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Office. It provides the power of certainty while you write.

Features include:

• Your documents are checked automatically as you type.

• Each proposed correction is clearly highlighted in the document and shows you the corresponding AP Stylebook¹ rule, so you always know why a correction was identified.

• Easy-to-understand features are similar to other proofing tools, including Ignore All, Change, Change All and Add Comment.

• Automatically highlight any words with associated information in the AP Stylebook¹. Simply click those words to see the information.

• Users can easily install multiple collections², with the ability to turn on/off specific collections and search for specific rules.

• The full contents of the AP Stylebook¹, directly available in Word as you type.

• The StyleGuard Client and all collections are automatically updated³. Changes to AP Stylebook¹ rules or information are immediately reflected in StyleGuard.

StyleGuard users represent a diverse group of individual and corporate customers. Our clients include students, freelancers, private institutions, small to large corporations and the media. By incorporating StyleGuard’s advanced style-checking capabilities with Microsoft Office spelling and grammar, our customers can publish with confidence that their content is free of errors.

¹ AP Stylebook features requires a paid subscription to AP StyleGuard:

² Additional free collections, like Chemicals, only becomes available once you sign up for a paid subscription.

³ Requires internet connection. The StyleGuard Client is loaded from an online service. Rules and collections are downloaded and updated from the same online service.

App capabilities

When this app is used, it
  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet

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