qChange Leader Experience

qChange Software Solutions, Inc.

More effective leadership development using real-time nudges, team feedback and leader score.

At qChange, we believe anyone can be a leader and should have the opportunity to grow their leadership behaviors, increase their performance, and open up future career opportunities. qChange's Behavior360 platform creates your personalized Leader Experience with real-time leader prompts, context-rich feedback, and the ability to measure your leader growth. Our science-backed approach is over 7x more impactful than traditional training.

qChange's LEAD model covers 43 leadership behavior areas, including communication, collaboration, authenticity, adaptability, coaching, building great teams, increasing inclusion & diversity, building trust, ethics & fairness, leveraging technology, innovation & creativity, negotiating, driving productivity & results, strategy & vision and decision making. There are also custom themes for Leading Remotely and Leading through COVID.

Get started with a 30-day free trial. Select "Add to a Team" to begin. Adding qChange "to a chat" will restrict nudge and feedback features.

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