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Thanks to automated auditing tools and reports blueAUDIT simplifies your financial audits.

Thanks to automated auditing tools and reports blueAUDIT simplifies your financial audits and auditing services as to you and your accountant.

Besides the use of technologies, we also try to keep the cost structure as lean as possible in order to offer better prices. Of course, this is done without any loss of quality, because the quality of our work is checked externally.

blueAUDIT GmbH is legally obligated to conduct an external review for some types of audits. Thus the quality is also controlled and ensured by external auditing companies.

The review report is finally reviewed by the audit supervisory authority when the licence is renewed. It is in our interest to deliver high quality audit work.

In traditional auditing and in the auditing industry, it is common that the majority of auditing work is performed by assistants. blueAUDIT stands for quality and expertise.

Our settlement also complies with the Swiss Federal Act against Unfair Competition (UWG), the Swiss Code of Obligations and the Audit Supervision Act. In doing so, we comply with the independence regulations that we must observe as auditors.

For this reason, all revisions are carried out by approved experts. This means that there are fewer queries for you and the quality of the work is higher.

With our audit software we are able to carry out the audit qualitatively and in a few hours. Data security is guaranteed at all times because the data is analysed and stored in Switzerland.

There is added value for you and for the Swiss economy because almost 100% of all transactions can be analysed. We want to pass on these time savings effectively.

We are pioneers in automated auditing. This enables us to carry out the revisions quickly and comprehensively, with fewer queries. With the blueAUDIT Bot App you can ask questions about the following topics completely FREE!

- Swiss accounting

- Code of Obligations and other laws

blueAUDIT is your partner if you have any questions about Swiss accounting and auditing.

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