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Enboarder is the leading Experience-Driven Onboarding platform, changing onboarding experiences.

The Experience-driven Onboarding Platform

Enboarder empowers HR to build and deliver personal experiences that their managers and new hires will love.

What’s Experience-driven Onboarding?

Enboarder was built because traditional onboarding was broken: In a world where we’re all used to absolutely seamless, beautiful and digital experiences, where employees’ expectations are higher than ever, an onboarding process consisting of paperwork, forms and checklists just doesn’t cut it anymore. And companies who are still running these broken onboarding programs are paying the price for it: With high attrition, low productivity and ultimately, loss of profit. 

Onboarding shouldn’t just be about what the company needs from the employee. It should be designed from the employee’s perspective: What does the new hire need to get excited, engaged and productive? That’s why Enboarder decided to reinvent onboarding through the lens of the employee. Onboarding that focuses on meaningful experiences and human connections. Taking your organization’s engagement, productivity and retention to new heights!

How it works

1. Design your perfect new hire experience

Build, trigger and adapt employee journeys based on data and feedback to deliver a truly personalized experience.

2. Wow your new hires

Don’t just educate your newbies – knock their socks off! Rock their onboarding with beautiful and meaningful content even before Day 1.

3. Turn your hiring managers into onboarding rockstars

Hiring managers are the key to onboarding success! Empower and coach your managers with subtle and timely virtual nudges.

Our unique features

Rich content in minutes

A stunning UI paired with unmatched personalization and customization means a new benchmark for employee experiences.

Data-driven manager coaching

No other solution will empower your leaders the way we do: With smart and timely manager nudges.

Zero friction, 100% convenience

Built for today’s workforce: Mobile-first, no logins, downloads or ignored app notifications.

Intelligent pulse surveys

Enboarder goes beyond surveys: So you can act on the feedback you gather - instantly and automatically.

Multiple stakeholder communications

A lot of chefs in a lot of kitchens? Our solution enables you to effectively orchestrate them all.

Superior reporting.

Our Advanced Reporting center allows HR to track the metrics that matter. So you can truly own the journey..

Who Uses Enboarder?

Enterprises which hire over 100 new employees a year, and are in high growth or turnover industries. World leading employers including McDonalds, Hugo Boss, ING and Eventbrite love Enboarder for its manager coaching features, customisability, scalability, and bulk hire features.

Beyond Onboarding

We help our clients deliver amazing experiences beyond the first impression - to have an even bigger impact on retention, productivity and business growth. Enboarder helps HR transform the moments that matter most to their people: moments of transition. This includes parental leave, internal moves, milestones and offboarding.

In order to use this app. Users must have an active Enboarder account and Microsoft Teams integration, please contact our support team for more details.

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