Add Natural Language Insights to Spreadsheets

by Arria NLG

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Add instant, data-driven narrative — out-of-the-box or custom — to augment your worksheets.

Automate report writing across the enterprise, for speed to information and faster decision-making. Increase data understanding. Turn data into written summaries in seconds for efficient reporting at machine speed and scale.

· Explain data in natural language

· Narrate tables, pivot tables, and charts

By adding Arria’s powerful NLG functionality to your Excel worksheets, you equip yourself with the ability to generate written reports for your pivot tables and charts –– reports that can cover all the data contained in the workbook. Now, with the click of a button, you can generate report writing that explains the most important insights in natural language.


· Augment complex analysis with narrative

· Summarize existing reports in natural language

· Instantly report on data across the entire workbook

· Share workbooks with embedded NLG powered by Arria NLG Studio

· Seamlessly export long-form content to Word, PDF, and email

· Instantly produce short-form content suitable for presentations


· With Arria for Excel, you can reveal key facts and insights within your worksheet using natural language generation (NLG)

· By setting configuration options, you generate narratives suited to your specific use case

· Configure out-of-the-box narratives

· Create custom narratives within Excel that utilize published Arria NLG Studio projects

· As you change Excel data, Arria instantly generates new narratives

· Support decision-making beyond numbers and charts alone


Take a look at our showcase projects, created in Excel using Arria’s add-in:

If you want to go beyond the out-of-the-box narratives offered by Arria for Excel, you'll need an Arria NLG Studio license. Sign up:

NOTE: This add-in does not support Internet Explorer 11.

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