Real Time Translator


Real-time translation and transcription of conversations exchanged with web conferencing tools.

Real Time Translator is a tool that can perform text translation in real time to the language specified by the user. You can communicate smoothly by using this product even if you cannot speak the language of other party. Assume that you decide to use a web conferencing tool such as Microsoft Teams to communicate with people abroad. Let assume that you and the other party could not speak each other's language fluently. Real Time Translator tool is very useful at that time. Real Time Translator tool can translate the words you speak into the other language. The words the other person speaks will be translated as text into your language. As a result, you will be able to communicate smoothly each other.

[Note] The system requirements are Windows 10, Mac OS 10.14 and above. The browser on which Real Time Translator works is Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge (Chromium), and it does not work on Mozilla Firefox.

Add-in capabilities
When this add-in is used, it
  • Can send data over the Internet
  • This add-in can access personal information on the active message, such as phone numbers, postal addresses, or URLs. The add-in may send this data to a third-party service. Other items in your mailbox can’t be read or modified.
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