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Capture rich meeting notes, share pages, & stay up-to-date with Confluence Cloud

The Confluence Cloud app lets conversation flow in Microsoft Teams while leveraging the collaborative editor and

flexible organization of Confluence.

Quickly access relevant information

  • Add a Confluence page as a tab to any channel to easily view, edit, and comment on the page from Teams.
  • Receive customizable Confluence notifications in Teams regarding updates to pages + spaces you own or are watching.

  • Search and share Confluence pages from the Teams chat messaging extension.
  • Adaptive link cards surface relevant page details at-a-glance.

Auto-magic formatting and sharing

  • When notes are published to Confluence, meeting attendees are tagged, notes are formatted, and action items are


  • Instantly access shared meeting notes in the Teams chat via a post-meeting adaptive card.

Effortless organization

  • Meeting notes are automatically labeled by time and date, then organized in a 'Microsoft Teams Notes' page

    tree in Confluence.

More effective, focused meetings

  • Take notes as a team with a Confluence notes panel inside your Teams meeting window.
  • Create, edit, and publish to any Confluence space without leaving the Teams meeting.
  • Use Confluence macros to make notes more digestible and action-oriented; choose from action items, decisions, code

    snippets, mentions, tables, and more.

With less time focused on finding notes, flipping between windows, and filling in colleagues, your team can focus on

the bigger tasks at hand.

Unlock a more open, cohesive flow of information within your team by connecting Teams, the ultimate productivity hub,

with Confluence, your remote-friendly team workspace.

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