by Attensa Corporation

Stay informed and up-to-date on project focused news and information with Attensa briefings.

## Attensa helps teams focus on the news and information that is relevant to their work

Attensa’s connector for Microsoft Teams keeps teams informed and up to date on the news and information important to their work from inside Microsoft Teams.

## Channel Briefings increase productivity and save time

Attensa aggregates news and information from outside or inside your organization, then refines it based on the topics that are relevant to the work that a team is doing.

The [Attensa connector for Microsoft Teams]( enables briefings based on selected topics to be delivered into Microsoft Teams channels - keeping team members focussed on the information that is relevant to their work without leaving Teams.

## Utilize all your trusted sources

Start with thousands of trusted public sources from Attensa and add your own. For deep integration with your applications or unique content sources, you can utilize Attensa’s API to aggregate or supply refined content streams. You have complete control.

## Communicators and Information Professionals

Utilize Attensa to deliver content and knowledge assets directly into Teams channels to maximize engagement.

## Get started with or without your own Attensa workspace

This connector is available for free to all Microsoft Teams users. Get started immediately using Attensa’s public [Topic Center]( which is available when you install the connector. When you’re ready you can connect your company’s Attensa Workspace and use the custom topics you create there.

## Incorporate the full Attensa interface in a Teams tab

Optionally incorporate the full Attensa interface in a tab to provide access to the full suite of Attensa features inside of Teams.

## More information & support

For more information about the Attensa Connector visit our [Attensa Connector page]( For support please visit our [Connector support page](

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