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Desk365 - Your All-in-one Microsoft Teams Ticketing System

Desk365 - Your All-in-one Microsoft Teams Ticketing System

Desk365 is a comprehensive ticketing system integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, empowering both users and agents to manage support tickets directly within the Teams environment.
View solution articles from your Knowledge Base, check on ticket status, reply to tickets, add notes, change ticket properties, and do more in the customer support portal without leaving Teams.

Desk365 enables seamless ticket creation from Microsoft Teams messages, ensuring efficient communication and tracking.

Conversational Ticketing:
Use the Desk365 Support Bot to convert messages, whether direct or in public groups, into trackable tickets within Microsoft Teams. Customers can easily create new requests and communicate with support teams.

Instant Notifications:
Receive instant push notifications via Microsoft Teams, keeping customers informed about ticket updates. Agents benefit from a unified inbox, staying on top of customer queries and responses within the web app.

Centralized Ticket Collection:
Gather tickets from various sources like email, chat, and support portals directly within Microsoft Teams, ensuring all inquiries are managed in one place.

Customizable Ticket Fields & Forms:
Tailor ticket fields and forms to meet specific requirements, leveraging Desk365's options for customization. This flexibility is especially useful for differentiating forms across departments.

- As your organization embraces Microsoft 365 technologies, Desk365 offers native integrations with tools like Power Automate, Power BI and Azure AD, enabling you to leverage your existing Microsoft investments fully.

- Get more done from Teams with the multiple command options for ticket operations.

- Follow up on ticket status and do multiple ticket operations directly from mobile phones on the go.

Leverage your existing Microsoft infrastructure with Desk365. Click the blue "Get It Now" button above to install our free trial and experience the Desk365 advantage firsthand.

If you're seeking an intuitive ticketing solution tailored for the Microsoft ecosystem, Desk365 is the ideal choice.
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