Trivia Engine

by EnableUC

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Enhance existing training and improve knowledge retention using “gamification”.

Trivia Engine is a proven knowledge reinforcement and training solution that uses an engaging “quiz show” format. Participants compete to answer the most questions correctly, as quickly as possible, for the best score. As they compete, they learn and have fun … and Trivia Engine tracks that learning progress.

Trivia Engine makes your existing training programs better!

Unlike boring quizzes, Trivia Engine is fast, fun, visual and competitive. “Gamification” encourages players to keep trying until they master your material.

You control the content, so you can ask questions designed to reinforce your key messages and important knowledge points. Questions can include text, pictures, video and sound, ensuring great engagement.

Trivia Engine can be used to augment and extend traditional classroom or online training or anchor a stand-alone training initiative.

Trivia Engine is a great tool to measure the effectiveness of your training. See what percentage of attendees remember specific topic details. Track and improve knowledge retention over time, simply by running weekly or monthly Trivia Engine powered challenges.

Anyone can install the Trivia Engine application from the Teams Store for FREE, create their own challenges, and access existing content. It’s easy!

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This app is fully supported by the Trivia Engine team. Customers can reach out at any time with questions about how the product works, and how they can get the most out of it: email

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