Smarter Tombola

by Smarter Business Solutions GmbH

Elevate Your Corporate Events with Smarter Tombola for SharePoint

Bring excitement to your workplace with Smarter Tombola for SharePoint: This engaging raffle system is perfect for thanking employees and celebrating company milestones, all within your Microsoft 365 SharePoint intranet.


  • Employee Appreciation and Engagement: Show gratitude and boost morale by offering exciting prizes in an interactive, digital format.
  • Environmental Consciousness: Eliminate paper waste with our virtual raffle tickets, reflecting your commitment to sustainability.
  • Enhanced Intranet Interaction: Drive more traffic to your intranet, fostering a stronger sense of community and corporate culture.


  • Flexible Ticket Purchasing: Empower users with permissions to buy any number of tickets, increasing their chances and excitement for the raffle.
  • Effortless Online Raffle Management: Organize and execute raffles with minimal administrative overhead, all within your digital workspace.
  • Complimentary Ticket Distribution: Activate the option for each user to claim and share one free ticket, complete with a personalized email message, enhancing the sense of giving and camaraderie.


At Smarter Business Solutions, we're dedicated to optimizing digital workflows and adding essential functionalities, as seen with our Smarter Navigation. We are especially thrilled that with the Smarter Tombola, we can bring joy and festive spirit into the digital workplace.



  • Quick Setup: Implement the tombola swiftly with immediate installation to SharePoint or Teams. Click the "Get it now" button to start.
  • Trial to License: Start with a fully-featured 14-day free trial, then transition to a licensed version.


  • Request with Ease: Not an admin? You can still request Smarter Tombola by starting the approval workflow. Locate the "Get it now" button at the top of the page to let your admin know why your SharePoint experience could be so much better.

RAFFLE WITH A MODERN TWIST: Embrace a new era of employee engagement and appreciation with Smarter Tombola. Begin with our free version and discover how a digital raffle can elevate your workplace celebrations.

For more information and to start your journey with Smarter Tombola, visit our product page.

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