Smarter Tombola

by Smarter Business Solutions GmbH

Smarter Tombola allows your employees to buy virtual raffle tickets and win prizes.

Smarter Tombola allows your organization to thank its employees and present them with prizes at a raffle.

  • Let employees buy raffle tickets - Users with the right permissions can buy any number of raffle tickets to increase their chances of winning the raffle
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  • Organize online raffles - since the raffle takes place exclusively virtually on your Microsoft 365 SharePoint intranet, the high administrative overhead associated with a normal raffle is simply eliminated. Since no paper raffle tickets are sold, you're also taking care of our environment in the process.
  • Increase intranet traffic cost-effectively and innovatively - Smarter Tombola offers you a cost-effective and innovative way to value employees, promote corporate culture and incidentally increase traffic on the intranet.
  • Draw the winning tickets and raffle prizes - Whether it's Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, your company's anniversary - with the prize draw, your next event will be a highlight in the company calendar. Broadcast the drawing of the winning tickets virtually via a Microsoft Teams meeting or gather your colleagues and host the raffle in a meeting room.

You can use Smarter Tombola for free for as long as you like. However, to use the drawing of winning tickets, a purchased license on our website is required.


For more information, please visit our product page Smarter Tombola.

v. - Free tickets - You can now activate free tickets in the web part properties. Each user can then request 1 free ticket and also give 1 free ticket to a colleague including a message sent by e-mail.