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Blameless incident management, keeping teams resilient and customers protected

Blameless supercharges your incident response. Coordinate your team with clear process steps, roles and tasks out of the box so you can focus on resolution.

Or, configure Blameless to your run-books with automated communications to keep all stakeholders stay informed. Save your team hours with automated retrospective reports and continually improve with detailed performance data available through reliability insights. Teams stay resilient, customers stay protected with Blameless

Blameless helps Microsoft Teams users reduce toil in routine incident response processes. From the moment you declare an incident, you can immediately rally all the appropriate subject matter experts and work to resolve the incident without having to leave Microsoft Teams.

Blameless integration with Microsoft Teams enables you to:

  • Manage incidents without leaving Microsoft Teams
    • Start, show summary, resolve incidents
    • Check and act on the incident via the Overview tab
    • Consult the help tab under each incident channel

  • Coordinate your team to respond quickly and effectively
    • Assign incident roles to users to inherit default tasks
    • Provide context to incidents (status, severity, type, description, tags,

      images, messages)

    • Join a dedicated video conference (Teams Video, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Google


    • Manage user tasks (Add, Assign, View)
    • Escalate to on-call teams (integrated with Pagerduty)
    • Quickly jump to the incident in the Blameless web console (*)
    • Connect to the corresponding Jira ticket
    • Create follow up actions

  • Keep all the right stakeholders informed
    • Customizable automated notifications to stakeholders using


The Blameless SRE platform provides context, guardrails, and automates critical workflows across the software lifecycle. Making teams more resilient and products more reliable with high powered tools for continuous improvement of incident response.

  • Incident response
  • Learning & Retrospectives (*)
  • Insights & Analytics (*)
  • SLO Manager (*)

(*) Available via the Blameless web console. An active Blameless account is required to use those capabilities and enable the Blameless chatbot for Microsoft Teams: Contact Blameless to inquire about subscription options.

For more information about using the Blameless app for Microsoft Teams:

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