Draft Coach

by Turnitin LLC

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Formative writing feedback for students: available for Turnitin customers

Turnitin Draft Coach™ serves as an integrity coach that helps students develop research and writing skills. By providing instant feedback on how to address citation issues, grammar mistakes, and matches with Turnitin’s database, Draft Coach cultivates more confident writers.

Draft Coach is free for Turnitin Feedback Studio, Originality or Feedback Studio with Originality customers. Your institution’s Turnitin and Microsoft 365 administrators need to enable Draft Coach before you can start using it.

Learn more:

→ Address unintentional plagiarism early on

Students can ensure their work is authentic in a low-stakes environment prior to final submission.

- Compare work against the most comprehensive database of websites, student papers and academic content.

- Easily review paper and matching source text side by side.

- Refine matches to exclude different types of sources, bibliography, quotes, and minor matches for a more accurate Similarity Score.

→ Master citation skills

Powered by cutting-edge machine learning technology, citations checking helps students cite properly.

- Quickly identify references and citations in a paper.

- Flag citations that are missing references and references without citations.

- Make the most out of an unlimited number of citation checks.

→ Correct grammar mistakes

Students gain a deeper understanding of grammatical concepts by reviewing errors and detailed explanations.

- Identify errors in grammar, mechanics, usage, and structure.

- Make edits according to real-time, actionable feedback.

→ Get more than just a check

Students learn how to correct issues identified by similarity, citation, and grammar checking with in-depth guidance.

- Guidance covers topics such as what to do if Similarity Score is too high, a citation is missing its reference, how to switch from passive to active voice, and more.

- Understand how best to use Draft Coach according to personal writing preferences.

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