DQ for Excel™

by DQ Global Limited

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The ultimate solution for customer data quality improvement in Microsoft Excel

DQ for Excel™ delivers a suite of data quality improvement utilities, all within the familiar Excel ecosystem. Ensure customer data within your Excel spreadsheets is correctly formatted, accurate, and of high quality with its capabilities:

  • Enrich allows you to enrich records by cross-referencing third-party data, and add contact or company data to existing datasets.
  • Compliance helps you provide business attributes and return KYC (Know Your Customer) information including Directors, locations, and sectors.
  • Authenticate email addresses and phone numbers in real-time
  • Format postcodes, worldwide telephone numbers, emails, and URL’s to a standardised format
  • Generate allows you to generate patterns or phonetic tokens used for deduplication
  • Transform data by abbreviating, excluding, and elaborating in 5 spoken languages.
  • Compare two inputs and return string similarity using our multitude of comparison methods.
  • Derive analyses structure, pattern, or values to obtain information
  • Parse enables you to resolve data into its component parts
  • Congruence will inspect two data fields to analyse if they are aligned
  • Suppress helps you to discover whether people have passed away, moved company, or expressed a preference not to be contacted

Process hundreds of thousands of records at once to ensure high-quality customer data and only pay for what you use, with a credit-based subscription model!

App capabilities

When this app is used, it
  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet

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