Card maker for Viva by adenin

by adenin TECHNOLOGIES Inc

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Embed any business app into Viva Connections dashboard with this Adaptive Card extension

Easily bring your Adaptive Cards to life, by connecting them to your favorite workplace tools. The Card maker for Viva Dashboard allows you to truly make Viva Connections a hub for all your other internal tools.

ACE made with Card maker connect to dozens of popular work applications, such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, Zendesk, Github, Workday, and many more. See all apps →

To get started, add your first Card maker Card to your Viva Dashboard. Then go to the configuration pane and click on Generate a Card Share URL. This opens a new Adaptive Card in the Designer. This service requires a free adenin account in order to store your Adaptive Card.

What can the Card maker for Viva Dashboard do for me?

  • Easily provide your team with connected Adaptive Cards that show them their favorite workplace apps at a glance
  • Start from among dozens of Adaptive Card templates that are designed for business use cases, such as lists, approvals or internal communications
  • Easily connect Cards made with adenin's Adaptive Card Designer with a convenient and unique Card Share URL
  • Customize your Adaptive Cards with built-in Card View and Quick View features that take advantage of the unique design of Viva Dashboard's 'click to open' Quick View Cards

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