Parking Pro

by Witivio

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Parking Pro is an application to manage, book, and share parking spaces from Microsoft Teams.

Manage your parking place from Microsoft Teams

Parking Pro is a Microsoft Teams application to manage parking spots in the workplace. The app is designed to adapt to any parking place, regardless of the type and number of places. Whether you’re a small hotel or a large company, you can modify the app as per your needs.

Here’s what you can do with Parking Pro

  1. Add as many bookings as you need, and color code them to your needs.
  2. View Parking Pro in “Week” and “Day” mode.
  3. Customize the title, description, and color of the booking.
  4. Create tags to filter out bookings.
  5. Personalize the app and bookings' time zone.
  6. Add a location to your bookings.
  7. Print the reservations.

What can Parking Pro do for my organization?

  1. Optimize the parking space — John has reserved a spot from 7 am to 9 am. Knowing about John’s reservation, Maria decides to start working at 9 am, instead of 8:30 am, to avoid spending 35 minutes searching for parking around the office.
  2. Book parking spots for VIPs — Paul’s client had to walk 10 min under the rain to get to his meeting place. Using Parking Pro, Paul could have avoided the situation and probably signed the new contract.
  3. Monetize your parking place — Hotel Mirage is a family-owned hotel on the outskirts of Montreal. Thanks to Parking Pro, the direction decided to charge an extra to guarantee a parking spot during the high season.
  4. Give your customer a warm welcome by saving them a parking spot — The customers of the dental clinic Happy Teeth can book a parking spot during the reservation process. Thanks to Parking Pro, the clinic reduced the number of clients being late due to parking issues, and clients saved on expensive parking fines.
  5. Happier employees — With a limited number of parking spaces, parking at the workplace can turn into a cold war: someone parked between two spaces; mysterious scratches on the car, etc. With a parking management system like Parking Pro, employees can reserve their parking space in advance, thus avoiding disputes.
  6. Sleep more and consume less fuel by not having to look for parking — Thanks to Parking Pro, employees can stop getting up earlier to find parking, waste time looking for parking, avoid having to park the car in dangerous places and even save minutes of sleep...
  7. Favor sustainable transport practices — Reserve special parking spaces for those who carpool, bike to work or drive an electric car. Having dedicated parking spaces will motivate employees to adopt more sustainable transport habits.

Why is Parking Pro better than other solutions?

  • The app is 100% integrated and exclusive for Microsoft Teams: A native Teams integration means there's no need to create a dedicated account for Parking Pro you can use your Teams Account. Plus, there's no need to log in to a new web page every time you want to use it or share your parking reservations. You can install Parking Pro on any Teams channel, wherever works best for your team or company.
  • Easy to use, no specific training required: Parking Pro has been designed with the aim of being simple, without requiring complex configurations, very technical or specific training. Anyone can reserve a parking space without getting lost in the application.
  • You do not need to invest in parking sensors: Most parking management applications use IOT technology to connect the parking spaces to the application. This technology has a high initial cost and requires regular maintenance.

What companies are using PRO apps?

PRO applications are used by more than 70,000 businesses and organizations worldwide.

If you encounter any issue with Parking Pro, chat with us from our website.

App capabilities

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