Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by Sysdoc

by The Sysdoc Group Limited

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Assist your users in finding the answers they seek with this Frequently Asked Questions web part.

Introducing a user-friendly, customisable FAQ web part for your SharePoint site, designed to help users easily find the answers they need through a clear and intuitive interface.

Maintain your FAQs effortlessly by utilising the standard SharePoint list management interface for adding and editing questions. Enhance organisation and categorisation with separate lists or built-in topic functionality, promoting improved navigation and accessibility.


Customise these options through the properties panel.

  • Customisable colours and theme support.
  • Search bar — allowing users to search for specific questions.
  • Topic filters — add topics and enable users to use them to filter questions.
  • Expand all button — enabling users to expand all questions with one click.
  • Add downloadable attachments to your answers.
  • Copy URL button — allowing users to copy a shareable URL to a specific question/answer.
  • Specific topic display — utilise one list with topics and display subsets on different pages or have multiple lists on the same site.

Getting Started:

  1. Follow these steps to install the web part on your site (Using web parts on SharePoint pages - Microsoft Support).
  2. Once added to your site, click 'edit' on the FAQ web part to open the properties panel.
  3. Click the 'Create FAQs List' to automatically generate a SharePoint list for your questions within your site contents.
  4. Select the newly created list from the "Select a list" dropdown in the property panel, then click apply.
  5. Visit your site contents, open the FAQs list, and add your questions (You can easily add, remove, or edit questions at any time).
  6. If you wish to use topics, add them by editing the topics column in the site contents, then adding them to the 'choices' field.
  7. You can toggle features and customise your web part through the property panel.

With the Sysdoc FAQ web part, create an intuitive and easy-to-use FAQ section on your SharePoint site, improving the user experience and helping users find the answers they are looking for.

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