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Workhuman Social Recognition with award notifications and nominations within Microsoft Teams.

The integration between the Workhuman Cloud and Microsoft Teams allows employees to create real time recognition moments without ever leaving Microsoft Teams. This seamless integration saves employees time, drives program adoption, and makes Recognition a core part of your culture. All award activity flows between Workhuman and your enterprise Microsoft Teams environment, securely and targeted for each employee within your Workhuman awards program. Through this integration, employees will:

● View award notifications: auto-notifications alert employees within the activity tab when they receive a new award

● Give award nominations: Employees can quickly nominate one or more colleagues for an award within the Workhuman app or a Teams channel or chat

● View the all-company awards feed to stay up to date on the great work happening throughout the company but also view their work circle and a list of all awards received as well as a highlights reel showing upcoming celebrations happening in your company

● Ability to see how many points you have available and a quick and easy access point to our store to redeem those points.

Recognition Program Managers can find communications resources for their employees about the app on Customer Central. If you have questions about Customer Central, reach out to your Customer Success Manager. If you do not have a recognition account, please contact your administrator to obtain login credentials. Please contact us to setup your organization with Workhuman.

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