VerifAI for Microsoft Word

by SpotDraft

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VerifAI is a generative AI powered MS-Word add-in which helps save 15+ hours/week in contract review


• Reduce contract review time from 3 hours to 3 minutes with an AI tailored for lawyers

• Save over $4,000 per month on contract reviews

• Spend 15 hours less every week on reviewing contracts

• Pick from our rich gallery of contract playbooks and review guides


• Flag contract risks against your personalized review guidelines

• Choose from a gallery of contract review guides tailored to your industry and contract

• Suggest redlines tailored to your guidelines

• Ask open-ended questions to an AI ChatGPT, tailored specifically for lawyers


1. Sign up for free and install VerifAI as an Microsoft Word Add-In

2. Open a contract you want to review

3. Choose your contract playbook, or pick from our templates

4. Instantly review the contract against your playbook guidelines

VerifAI will:

1. Automatically highlight whether your clauses meet guidelines or not

2. Provide AI-suggested redlines when guidelines are not met

3. Add comments explaining changes for the counterparty or reviewer

4. Ask open-ended questions to an AI tailored for lawyers


• Boost your productivity by saving 15+ hours per week reviewing contracts

• Ensure contract compliance with your industry, country's laws, and your organization standards

• Increase collaboration and alignment across teams by sharing your guidelines

• Enhance contract data accuracy, and reliability, and grow your negotiating power

• Unlock time and resources for higher-level strategic decisions

• Streamline contract turnaround time and drive business impact


• Free for the first two weeks!

• Sign up in 2 minutes, upload your contract, and automate your contract review today!

App capabilities

When this app is used, it
  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet

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