FAQs web part for SharePoint

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Revolutionize collaboration with dynamic FAQ management for unparalleled user experience

Elevate your organization's collaboration to new heights with the FAQs web part for SharePoint. This sophisticated solution is meticulously crafted to enhance your SharePoint environment, offering an unparalleled approach to managing frequently asked questions. Designed for seamless integration and user-friendly customization, FAQs web part for SharePoint is poised to revolutionize how you present and navigate essential information within your collaborative workspace.

Cutting-edge Solution

• Tailor FAQs presentation by selecting a SharePoint list dynamically.

• Navigate FAQs effortlessly through an intuitive accordion-style interface.

• Customize FAQ order with sorting parameter options.

• Control the number of FAQs displayed with Top N FAQs setting.

• Categorize FAQs for streamlined content access.

• Adjust logo and web part width for visual cohesion.

• Supports SharePoint web part, SharePoint full page and Teams tab.

Key Features

Dynamic List Selection

Tailor your FAQs presentation by choosing a specific SharePoint list from your site, providing a dynamic source for your information.

Intuitive Accordion Interface

Navigate FAQs effortlessly through an intuitive accordion-style interface, ensuring an engaging and straightforward user experience.

Sorting Parameter Options

Customize the order of FAQs with sorting parameter options, facilitating a logical and user-friendly sequence for information delivery.

Top N FAQs Display

Control the focus of information by setting a maximum limit (Top N) for the number of FAQs displayed, maintaining clarity and relevance.

Category-Based Filtering

Categorize FAQs using a designated column in your SharePoint list, allowing users to select specific categories for streamlined content access.

Logo and Web Part Width Customization

Achieve visual cohesion by adjusting the width of both the logo and the web part, ensuring seamless integration within your SharePoint environment.

Elevate collaboration, streamline information access, and transform your SharePoint experience with the FAQs web part for SharePoint.

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