Site Guard HBM

by HB Munich GmbH

Secure your workspace from unwanted access and keep track of everything like storage capacity

HBM Site Guard - Security through Insights

The tool for teams and site owners to prevent data leaks.

Secure your work area from unintentional access.

From now on you can make confident statements about your site and content.

Site Guard helps owners to clean up and save storage space.

Save costs by using less memory in Microsoft SharePoint and Teams.

Show and edit you property bags of the site.

  1. View site information
  2. Overview of external/guest access
  3. Discover and resolve unique permissions and access
  4. List groups and their users
  5. Export user permissions to csv
  6. Clean up and save storage space
  7. Sorting files by age and size
  8. Deleting versions and files
  9. Show and edit property bags of the site

Technical Details

  1. This SPFX solution is having Application customizer component
  2. It uses PNP-Framework
  3. Selfcheck for Updates in Store
  4. You can setup existing property bags of the site (show/edit)


You can use basic functionality and evaluate the WebPart free of charge.

You can turn off advertising with a premium license.

If you use functions of the premium license, you will receive a licensing notice.

You can purchase the license using our support form on our website.

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