Emission Sentri

by Emission Sentri, Inc.

Drive Emissions Reduction through Employee Engagement

Drive Emissions Reduction through Employee Engagement

Emission Sentri is a comprehensive suite for supporting organizations engage with employees at scale on emissions reduction. Unlock the power of data-driven insights, upskill employees with curated training modules, and drive meaningful actions to reduce your organization's environmental footprint.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Employee Engagement: Foster a culture of environmental responsibility, engage your workforce, and empower them to contribute to sustainability initiatives.
  • Visibility & Insights: Bring visibility on your organization's commitment towards emissions reduction and provide insights on progress.
  • Learning: Curated training modules to raise awareness and educate your team on emissions reduction, ensuring everyone is on board.
  • Drive Actions: Translate data into action. Take meaningful steps to reduce emissions and meet sustainability goals.
  • Integrate Data: Integrate emissions data from various sources, ensuring you have a complete and accurate view of your environmental impact.
  • Seamless Integration: Emission Sentri is embedded in Microsoft Teams, making it easily accessible during your daily work for streamlined collaboration.
  • Regular Updates: Receive frequent email updates with insights and recommendations to stay on track with your emissions reduction goals.

Who Can Benefit:

Emission Sentri is designed for organizations of all sizes and across various industries committed to emissions reduction and sustainability. It's ideal for:

  • Organizations seeking to engage employees and drive behavioral change.
  • Enterprises looking to streamline internal communication on emissions reduction.
  • Businesses aiming to achieve sustainability goals and comply with emissions regulations.

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