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Board Meetings on Microsoft 365.

Easy and Efficient Board Meetings on Microsoft 365. Incl. templates, agendas, minutes, annotations, and features for tasks & decision making.

Looking for a board meeting tool that fully integrates with your Microsoft 365 environment, ensuring greater efficiency, security, and satisfied users? With Easy2Meet you organize efficient and secure board meetings. Explore it with our 30-day free trial.

Combine Easy2Meet with Microsoft Teams to structure and control your board meetings:

Microsoft Teams is an online workspace in Microsoft 365 and is available for Microsoft 365 Business users. With Microsoft Teams you collaborate online by sharing, viewing, and editing files in real-time. It enables users to call, chat, and meet online from anywhere. The software is ideal to collaborate digitally.

With the Easy2Meet add-on, you make Microsoft Teams suitable for digital board meetings. With this integration, you can prepare, manage, and publish board meetings without having to leave Microsoft Teams. The software includes templates and agendas. Offers automated pdf conversions and meeting document version management including annotations and features for minutes, tasks & decision making.

Easy2Meet is lean, green & easy.

LEAN – With the Easy2Meet add-on, you organize effective board meetings that start on time and run smoothly, safely, efficiently, and conveniently in your own Microsoft 365 environment.

This is how:

• In only a few clicks, you invite individual people and complete teams to the board meeting, including people from outside your organization. Thanks to the integration with Outlook, you can send the invitees a personal calendar invite, without having to switch to another screen or program. The integration with your Azure Active Directory enables you to add meeting participants without the need of adding new accounts or creating new contacts in Easy2Meet first.

• Easy2Meet integrates with Microsoft Teams. This gives you direct access within Teams to all your meeting information such as the agenda, meeting documents, tasks, decisions, and annotations.

• You add documents to the meeting directly from SharePoint. All documents are automatically converted to pdf format. Is a document updated? You give all meeting participants the latest version of documents in one single click. This way, you ensure all participants have the right documents at hand during the board meeting.

• Add tasks and decisions per agenda item and assign them to specific meeting participants. Provide your decisions with a decision date and keep a grip on the follow-up of your tasks by means of the status display.

• In the Easy2Meet add-on, you create agendas in your company’s branding style. This can be done even faster and simpler by using predefined meeting types and agendas.

• You easily make annotations on the meeting documents before, during, and after the meeting. You can then share each individual note (or all at once) with the meeting participants. You also easily view previous meetings, task lists, minutes, and decisions: you have all the information in one place and always at your fingertips.

GREEN – Paperless board meetings save a ton of paper wastage.

Switching to efficient board meetings with Easy2Meet is a great step to reduce paper wastage. In many organizations, the board meeting organizer provides all participants with a paper copy of the board meeting agenda, all minutes, and other meeting documents. Digital board meetings are not only more convenient for the participants, paperless online board meetings also end this paper wastage. This makes digital board meetings not only more convenient and easy for participants, digital board meetings are also eco-friendly.

EASY - Easy2Meet is user-friendly software and makes organizing and attending online board meetings completely effortless.

Working with Easy2Meet is incredibly easy. To install the add-on in your Microsoft 365 environment, you’ll need 15-30 minutes. After this, you can use the software immediately, without any training. We do offer a Knowledge Base, just in case.

Why board meetings with Easy2Meet are so easy:

• Easy2Meet offers an intuitive design which makes it extremely user-friendly. It doesn’t matter whether you work on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

• Easy2Meet® stores the meeting documents in your own Microsoft 365 environment. This way, you keep control of your documents and their security. The software takes work literally out of your hands, avoids waste of time and you’ll never have to search for the right document again.

How does the board meeting software work? And on which device?

You can use Easy2Meet on any device and operating system (iOS, Android, and Windows). For more information on how to install Easy2Meet on your device and where to download the meeting software, visit

Try out 30 days for free

As a new user, you can try Easy2Meet for free for 30 days. Do you have questions about Easy2Meet® or do you need help with anything else? Please contact us via or via the chat at Do you want to buy a license? Check your personal price on

Happy board meeting!

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