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Show the flow of data from one category/process to another.

Use Bowtie Chart by MAQ Software to quickly compare values in one or more categories. Bowtie Chart by MAQ Software is ideal for displaying sales metrics, such as the flow of a sale from channel to category. The thickness of the bowtie's branches indicates the relative weight of each category. Create a full bowtie to showcase how a cumulative value splits into two distinct sub-categories. Alternately, you can create a half bowtie, showcasing the distribution of data within a source.

Business Uses:

  • Risk Management – Compare mitigating factors against the consequences of a risk
  • Sales – Break down sales by region and sub-region
  • Customer service – Categorize problems by customer type
  • Human Resources – Classify new hires over a period by hiring source and department

Key Features:

  • Configurable branch color
  • Configurable font size, color, and decimal precision for data labels and summary labels
  • Configurable format (half bowtie or full bowtie)
  • Interactive with other visuals

What's New in 4.0.1:

  • Fixed summary label position

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