Rotating Tile by MAQ Software


Display multiple key performance indicators (KPIs) with an automatically flipping, customizable tile

Showcase multiple KPIs or metrics on a single report in a compact space. Rotating Tile by MAQ Software is a tile that displays one KPI value at a time before flipping to the next value. This visual is ideal for displaying multiple KPIs on reports with limited space.

Business Uses:

  • Finance: Showcase all relevant KPIs in the limited space of a year-end financial report
  • Marketing: Compare performance metrics across geographies
  • Supply Chain: Highlight units sold over time in a compact space

Key Features:

  • Customizable rotation axis (horizontal or vertical)
  • Configurable flip delay time
  • 3D effect option
  • Standard formatting options such as font type, size, and color for the label and title, background, and tile borders

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