Impact Bubble Chart

by Interknowlogy LLC

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Advanced bubble chart, used to compare two entities against each other.

Using the position of the bubbles in X/Y space, along with the optional left and right bars this chart can be used to compare relative data from either entity. Unique to this chart, the “tails” on each bubble give an indication of change in data from the previous data point (see Play Axis below). The chart supports Name, numerical X-Axis and Y-Axis, and optional Bubble Size, Left Bar, Right Bar and a Play Axis. Bubbles are categorized by Name and can be grouped by the Play Axis (typically a time-based measurement). When a Play Axis is provided, a slider is displayed below the chart that allows the user to move to the Next or Previous Play Axis item and a play button allows the user to continuously loop through the Play Axis items until paused. One intended example would be a comparison of two retail companies and their performance in all the US States. Each state (Name) would have data describing performance (X-Axis) in that state, how important that state is (Y-Axis) considered by the two companies (e.g. the total number of locations that both companies have in that state), how large the potential market (Bubble Size) is (e.g. the state's population), and how many locations each company has in that state (Left Bar and Right Bar). By providing this data across multiple dates (Play Axis), you can see how the companies compare against each other over time.

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