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Venn Diagram by MAQ Software


3.2 (20)

Display the relationship between two or more datasets.

Venn diagrams are useful in representing logical relations among categories.

Marketing groups can use Venn diagrams to categorize their user bases and identify overlaps among user categories. Venn diagrams are also useful in grouping and visualizing customer feedback areas and represent overlap between users who provided feedback on two or more of the feedback areas.

In HR operations, Venn diagrams are useful in analyzing and classifying types of candidates and their backgrounds who apply for the various positions.

In construction industries, Venn diagrams can be used to optimize sourcing costs by analyzing and visualizing common requirements across a portfolio of construction projects.

In production operations, Venn diagrams can be used to visualize the categories of safety risks and incidents to enable decision making towards improving safety.

In hospitality industries, Venn diagrams can be used to analyze factors that are favorable or otherwise among proposed new locations, or for analyzing existing properties.

Venn Diagram by MAQ Software displays logical relationships between a collection of datasets, each represented as a circle. The intersection of the circles illustrates the qualities that are shared by the overlapping datasets.

Key features:

  • Customizable names and colors for each circle or dataset.
  • Labels let users easily distinguish between individual values and intersected region values.
  • Users can hover their mouse over different regions, showing individual and intersected values.

What's new in 3.0.6:

  • Legend order will be based in the order of columns in the Category field

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