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Display the relationship between two or more datasets.

Compare and contrast your data. Venn Diagram by MAQ Software displays logical relationships between a collection of datasets, each represented as a circle. The circle intersections illustrate qualities shared by the overlapping datasets.

Venn Diagram by MAQ Software can be used to show employee involvement with various products and projects. Users can quickly display which employees are involved with which products/projects and where overlaps between teams occur.

Business Use Cases:

  • Marketing - Analyze customer feedback

  • Human Resources - Classify and analyze job candidates
  • Construction - Analyze sourcing costs and visualize common project requirements
  • Hospitality - Evaluate location benefits

Key Features:

  • Labels for individual values and intersection values

  • Legend order derived from the order of columns in the category field

  • Customizable names and colors for each dataset

What's New in 3.1.1:

  • Updated with latest certification ruleset

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