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Bubble Chart by Akvelon

Akvelon Inc.

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Visualize your quantitative data easily with Bubble Chart by Akvelon

Bubble Chart by Akvelon provides efficient way to visualize your data that has one numeric dimension and one or two categories. This chart is simplified version of Scatter chart with tightly packed bubbles - this way you can show more categories in a given space. Additionally, Bubble chart allows to create groups of bubbles by providing additional second category field bucket.

Additionally to 2 categorical and one numeric field buckets, Bubble chart by Akvelon also provides features to improve visualization aspect of the visual:

- Image field bucket can be used to specify background image of the bubble. You need to have separate column in your dataset with https links to images and drop it to this field bucket.

- Hyperlink allows to set hyperlink on the category name - you also need to have column with https links for that.

There are lots of formatting options to change look and feel and behavior of the visual. You can set specific colors of each bubble, change legend settings, apply custom font settings to the category labels of bubbles if you decide to show them. Also, you have control of padding space between bubbles.

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