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A standardized structure diagram generation control.

The organization chart of Sharewinfo is a standardized structure diagram generation control that can display the level and power, roles and responsibilities, functions, and relationships in the organization in a concise and clear manner. It helps employees understand and understand the company and clearly defines the person in charge of the work. , and reporting relationships and objects. Compared to the traditional organizational chart, the Info Visual organization chart has flexible and dynamic real-time features. The designer only needs to configure the upper and lower levels of the organization relationship in the database, and can create an automatic layout of the organizational chart with one click. You can freely design colors, fonts, backgrounds, images, and other styles. The reader can also freely expand the expansion node for a global or partial view. Value • The matrix organization chart defines the roles and responsibilities of all personnel within the organization. • Establish hierarchical hierarchies of authority and standardize decision-making procedures. • Establish channels of information communication with smooth, orderly and well-regulated orders. • Establish control mechanisms such as degree of centralization and control coverage. • Establish a work coordination mechanism. • Establish a formal decision-making process. • Establish special operating procedures.

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