Walkers Animated Pictogram

by Wishyoulization

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An animated pictographic bar chart for building visually appealing reports.

Simple bar charts, when used to represent human opinions in surveys or head counts, can show data but fail to communicate the emotion underneath, especially when representing change over time or within different filter contexts, such as by gender or by age. Data visualizations have a huge impact on decision making and this visual helps build a more meaningful connection between the audience and the respondents. Or it can also be simply used to make the dashboard more lively and animated. Please refer to the sample report for examples on how to use it in different configurations, especially note that the initial scale is set to 100 units in the visual and data added should be converted to percentages for efficient performance, but if you have creative ideas on showing multiple rows of icons the visual does support it, go to the advanced edit mode to tweak these settings. Also, this visual supports custom colours and sorting through data either from a column or measure optionally, or simply use the default sorting and theme colours.

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