Acterys Visual Planning

by Managility

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Acterys Visual Planning enables users to plan and write back by dragging in different chart types

IMPORTANT : To use write back and planning features with the Acterys Power BI Visual Planning Visual, start a free trial at: Acterys Power BI Visual Trial

A very quick and intuitive way to test new scenarios and gain a comprehensive picture of how changes in drivers or metrics are affecting your results. Users can drag at the top of a variety of chart types and change a value up or down either as an absolute value or as a percentage of total. Direct edit of a value with right click is also supported. Drill down into any other level of the model is available directly in the chart. All edits can be saved instantly in a central data model (e.g. Azure/ SQL Server) and the resulting changes are immediately visible on all other visuals in the report.

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