Dynamic Radial Bar Chart by JTA

by JTA The Data Scientists

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Interactive drilldown radial bar chart with multiple configurations

Dynamic radial bar chart by JTA: The Data Scientists combines two of the most effective and common charts in the data visualization field, the bar chart and the radial chart. With multiple configurations available, the visual will allow you to navigate and quickly understand your data.

With a vaste range of functionalities and customizing options, you will be able to drill-down your information to see it in detail, define global or individual targets by category to compare it with your data, choose between multiple fields when drilling-down and much more.

With the latest version, these are some of the key features you will find:

  • Updated logic to define target values or load them automatically as a field;
  • Added options to choose whether you want your target to be displayed on a label or not;
  • Improved tooltip customizing, using data fields of your choice;
  • Improved the total value calculation and relative totals, with the option to add only some categories to the grand total;
  • Updated formatting options and default values for settings such as radial bars curviness, background and shadow colors, multiple choices of gradual color schemes, etc;
  • Standard Power BI fonts added;
  • Updated visual API version, to comply with the latest Power BI recomendations.

If you liked what you saw, you can try it for yourself and find more information here. Also, if you want to download it, you can find the visual package on the AppSource.

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