User Feedback Capture by BI-Champ

by CodeX Enterprises LLC

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Allows you to capture sentiment and other feedback from users, directly from within your dashboards.

This visual gives your dashboards the ability to collect user feedback in the form of button clicks, up-down votes, or textual responses (can be numeric, set values, or free-text). These feedback events can be correlated with report data. You can impose constraints on feedback: for example, a maximum of one vote per user, per day... or three votes for a set of choices, per user... and much more. This offers an easy way to determine user sentiment (e.g. about some facets of a report, the report itself, etc.), confirm acceptance (i.e. work-flows), and generally build app-like functionality around your data as held in Power BI models.

You can in turn report against the collected feedback using either data downloading, or a REST API call which provides near real-time results. Use of the API can be done right within Power BI, so you could have a Power BI report that collects feedback, reported on by a different Power BI report! (Among other options.)

Key features:
  • Different modes of feedback entry: simple counter (button), up/down voting, and textual input (with validation)
  • Capture scope can be for a single data point, or for multiple data points coming from the semantic model used by the report
  • Limit the number of feedback events based on "constraints" such as the user, date, or other report data
  • Optionally linking the feedback to specific data in the report makes it possible to build feedback reporting using this data
  • Multiple topics can be used to capture different types of feedback over multiple reports / dashboards
  • Extract feedback data using REST API or CSV/JSON download; with the API, can build Power BI reports that present feedback results using the Web connector
The sample pbix file that can be downloaded here and on provides a detailed look at how you can use this visual: we highly encourage reviewing it since it can answer many questions, along with the video available here.

This visual requires a license which can be purchased at You can create a free account at bi-champ, which gives you a trial license key and usage credits to try out this visual. Support, feature requests and on-line help is available at We are always interested in hearing about your needs, and you can contact us directly at

Release Notes are available at and in-depth instructions can be found at

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