Bridger Visual by BI Samurai

by BI Samurai

Microsoft PBI Certified
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This visual makes working with BI Samurai's Bridger Solution a piece of cake

BI Samurai's Bridger solution allows you to make phone calls and send emails directly from Power BI.

The Bridger Visual is here to help users make the most of the Bridger solution.

Visit to learn how to place a call or send an email from Power BI.

As you can see on the website above, using the Bridger requires the user to construct URLs in a specific format. With the Bridger Visual, a user receives a visual that will make this much easier. Simply drop columns or measures into the relevant buckets/placeholders of the visual and you'll automatically get the correct URL. 

We are committed to bringing more functionality to the Bridger. If you are trying to open links to an on-premise system from Power BI but are blocked, reach out to and we'll see if we can enhance the Bridger with the needed logic.

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This visual is certified by Power BI

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