KPI Matrix

by pbi-berater

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Flexible KPI card visual

KPI Matrix is a powerful and flexible KPI card visual.

KPI Matrix enables you to conveniently create and design multiple KPI cards by using a row, column or matrix layout. Choosing the matrix, users can, just like with other matrix visuals, visualize relationships of data with two different dimensions, or the relationship of two dimensions to each other. KPI Matrix is a matrix made of single KPI cards, descriptive texts or images being the row and column headers of the matrix.

Each card in the matrix shows a measure and optionally its target value or any other measure as comparison, as well as an indicator visualizing the difference between the two measures.
There are three indicator types to choose from: indicative arrow/triangle, text color or background color.
Two mini chart styles can further enhance the informative value of each card by displaying current or historical trends of actual and target values as well as the difference between them.
The drill function enables users to increase or decrease the mini chart's level of detail.
The background color of each card can also serve as an actual/target indicator. Furthermore, it can, conditionally colored, turn the whole matrix into a heatmap.
All cards, including the ones in the row or column headers allow the selection of data points to filter or highlight data on the report page.
Row and column headers can be hidden and their content be put directly on the cards. The cards will then look like individual KPI cards, but will still be selectable.

Do you want to show multiple key performance indicators on a page, but don't want to format and position each of them individually? Use KPI Matrix, choose row or column layout and format all at once. Or use the matrix layout to put the cards in the context of two dimensions.
Do you want the cards to be an active part of your interactive dashboard? Use KPI Matrix. Users can filter data by selecting one or multiple cards, rows or columns.

Key features are:

  • Various formatting options
  • Text or image as row or column headers
  • Slicing by selection of cards, or entire rows or columns
  • Drillable mini chart in two styles (line or indicative area
  • Various conditional background formatting options
  • Individual column or row specific formatting (number format, indicator direction, display unit)
  • Automatic sizing: card and text size adaptive to the size of the visual and the card layout

Supported languages: English and German

Visual capabilities

When this visual is used, it
  • Can access external services or resources

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