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Most advanced Date Slicer with default selection, presets, calendar view, themes and customizations

A Dynamic Date Slicer to filter multiple Dates or Range of Dates. It offers advanced features like Presets, Default Selection based on Custom Fields, Display Mode, Holiday/Weekends support, Themes and full customization to improve the experience in any Power BI Report.

Date Picker by Powerviz is an advanced Date slicer that lets you apply page-level filters to a date-type column. This slicer is highly customizable and user-friendly. It has the developer friendly wizard to build the visual with few clicks. It has all the advanced features such as default selection, presets, themes, and slicer sync mode, in addition to a range of customizations.

Check out the live demo here.

To access all advanced settings features, click the gear "⚙️" icon in the top-right corner.

Key Feature Highlights:

  • Display Mode – Switch between Pop-up and Canvas modes per your choice to cater to different visual interfaces.
  • Date Picker Type – Choose a view that meets your business requirements. The Range provides access to a complete calendar view to select the range of Dates, whereas Start/End allows for quick and easy selection of Start Date and End Date.
  • Multiple Date Range – Enhance your filtering capabilities by selecting and analyzing data within multiple periods simultaneously, enabling comprehensive insights and comparisons.
  • Default Selection – Manage the default Date period filtered when the Report Page is opened. The Default selection feature supports relative dates like Last week and Today etc. It also supports custom Field to set the Default selection.
  • Presets – Quickly switch between commonly used periods like Today, Last week, YTD, Current Year etc. You have an option to create your own Preset.
  • Full Customization – Highly customizable date picker with full control over colors, button styles, icons, date selectors, functions, toggles, and more, empowering you to create a unique and tailored user experience.
  • Themes – Choose from 15+ professionally curated templates or create your own themes.
  • Holiday/Weekends – Personalize your date picker by customizing holidays/weekends representation.
  • Interactivity – Supports native features such as bookmarks, sync slicer, and filtering.

New Feature - Ability to customize the "First Day of Week" in Calendar View

Date Picker is a must have visual for all the business use cases to view the data at a particular time period or to evaluate trends. Date Picker by Powerviz has the rich formatting options to style the date picker according to your company brand and solve the business needs.


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