Untap Text Box

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Microsoft PBI Certified
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Input and justify text in reports with Untap Text Box for enhanced, aesthetically pleasing data narr

Untap Text Box is an innovative and interactive Power BI visual tool developed by Untap, designed to transform how users interact with and interpret data within Power BI reports. It introduces an interactive input field for textual data, enhancing the analytical and reporting capabilities of Power BI users. Value Proposition: 1. Enhanced Interactivity: Untap Text Box allows users to directly input text into Power BI reports, making the reports more dynamic and interactive. This feature is invaluable for adding context, explanations, or annotations directly alongside data visualizations. 2. Advanced Text Formatting: Moving beyond the standard alignment options of left, center, and right, it introduces full paragraph justification. This advanced feature transforms text within Power BI into elegantly formatted blocks, akin to professional publishing. The text in Untap Text Box flows evenly and aligns perfectly on both sides, creating a polished, print-like appearance that is both visually appealing and enhances readability. 3. Improved Data Narration: By enabling users to add descriptive text directly into reports, Untap Text Box facilitates better data storytelling. This makes complex data more accessible and understandable to a wider audience. Business Audience: 1. Data Analysts and Report Builders: For professionals who regularly create and present data reports, Untap Text Box adds a layer of depth and personalization, enhancing the clarity and effectiveness of their data storytelling. 2. Business Executives and Decision-Makers: Executives who rely on data-driven insights for decision-making can benefit from reports that are enriched with direct annotations and explanations, making the data more actionable. Target Industry: 1. Finance and Banking: For financial reporting, where detailed explanations are crucial, Untap Text Box provides a means to directly annotate financial models and data.

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