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The world’s fastest matrix visual in Power BI combines tables with charts in just a few clicks.

The world’s fastest matrix visual in Power BI combines tables with charts in just a few clicks.

The Zebra BI Tables 7.0 is the new generation of the visual with important performance optimization. Tables with hierarchies will load up to 50x faster due to improved data fetching. The visual is now loading only the visible data which significantly speeds up the reports with a lot of data points.

Use Zebra BI Tables visual to create user-friendly Income statements (P&L), cost vs. budget, variance analysis, and other business reports that are essential for understanding the performance of your company and making smart business decisions.

Zebra BI Tables is a very versatile visual which provides you with several table options to choose from:

  • Comparison tables with automatic calculation of the variances
  • Hierarchical tables to easily present more details
  • Cross-tables (''cross-tab'') to drill-down in rows and columns
  • Calculation tables used for income statements, cash flow, balance sheets, and other reports where a data set is a calculation.

By using Zebra BI Tables visual, you will benefit from:

  • Add up to 3 different measures for Plan and/or Forecast
  • Automatic calculation of absolute and relative variances
  • Seamlessly switch between chart or table view
  • Forecast display
  • Dynamically switch between 3 scenarios

Understanding the context behind the data:

  • Dynamic comments to explain insights
  • Drill-down, drill-up and go to the next level functionalities
  • Expand all down one level
  • Scaled groups
  • Enhanced Report page tooltips

Efficiently communicating complex data stories with advanced annotation features:

  • Add, edit, and delete comments directly on visual, bypassing complex data model alterations/without data model write-back
  • Easily enrich reports with insightful commentary on the fly
  • Highlight key data points to draw attention to important insights
  • Adapt comments to your filters and slicers, ensuring relevant insights for every data view
  • Combine quantitative data with qualitative insights on a single page right out of the box
  • Instantly annotate for dynamic, context-rich data storytelling and impactful presentations

Being flexible:

  • Custom-calculated measures (up to 20) like ‘% of Revenue’ to Income statements or ‘Gross margin in %’ to Sales vs. Budget reports
  • Range of preset Quick column calculations like “% of grand totals/running totals ect”
  • Formula editor and manager to calculate new elements on the fly
  • Top N + Other functionality
  • Dynamic visual titles
  • Responsive design to fit large screens and mobile apps

From calculation to design, the Zebra BI Tables 6.0 visual gives you total flexibility when it comes to creating your reports, which can be done with a few simple clicks. Being certified by Microsoft, the visual ensures that the highest security standards are met. Additionally, the IBCS (International Business Communication Standards) certification grants that the reports are standardized and consistent which increases the ease of use across your entire organization.

Together with the Zebra BI Cards and Charts visual, Zebra BI Tables visual completes your toolkit for Actionable Reporting. Create actionable reports that are user-friendly, clear, and concise. To learn more, visit

If you are an existing Tables 5.4 user and want to migrate to Tables 7.0, read more here or contact us at

NOTE: Zebra BI is available as a free visual with limited features. Full features available with Pro license.

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