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Insanely flexible KPI scorecards. Multi-cards with variances, sparklines, comments, drill-through.

With Zebra BI Cards, you will transform the way of representing your Key Performance Indicators or your scorecard. With just a few clicks, you can present KPIs in a truly actionable way by using advanced features like comparisons with trendline, drill-through, dynamic comments, focus mode, scaling options, chart sliders, icon sets, etc.

Use Zebra BI Cards to create the entry page of your dashboard and connect each KPI card with a detailed report to get a deeper understanding of your performance. In this way, you can tell your company’s story, make your board meetings more efficient and effective, save valuable time, and finally understand the context behind the values.

Find out the key functionalities of this visual:

See immediately what’s happening:

  • Show up to 3 comparisons
  • Time series for trends
  • Scaling of variance icons

Dive deeper into data:

  • Dynamic comments
  • Drill through
  • Focus mode
  • Scaling option for charts on separate cards
  • Invert individual cards for negative KPIs

Adjust the design:

  • Resize each card based on the KPI’s importance
  • Drag and drop to reorder cards
  • Chart slider on each card
  • Number formatting option for each card
  • Axis break for all charts
  • Custom colors
  • Card and row layout
  • Suppress the chart option

And the best thing is, the multi cards are in fact just one visual! It makes your reports and dashboards blazingly fast as it reduces rendering and loading time significantly!

Together with the Zebra BI Charts and Tables visual, Zebra BI Cards completes our set for Actionable Reporting. Using Zebra BI visuals will empower you to create actionable reports that are user-friendly, clear, concise, and data-based. To learn more, visit


Zebra BI is available as a free visual with limited features. Full features available with Pro license.

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